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Iowa State challenges students to turn back cyber attacks, keep lights on, water running

Teams of students will face eight straight hours of attacks on the computers and networks behind a simulated city’s power and water utilities. Can they protect all the software, hardware and connections? Will the lights stay on? Will the water run? Will the residents of a small, fictional city be without critical services and infrastructure?

ISU’s IT-Olympics touted as great way to prepare students for cyber-jobs – and cyber-warfare

The 2014 IT-Olympics held this past spring at Iowa State were mentioned in an article posted to The Fiscal Times and The Week. The story talks about how activities like the IT-Olympic’s Cyber Defense Competition “improve cyber education at the high school level at a time when the United States is falling behind in STEM education.” Doug Jacobson, an …Continue reading “ISU’s IT-Olympics touted as great way to prepare students for cyber-jobs – and cyber-warfare”

ECpE hosts annual Cyber Defense Competition

More than 200 Iowa State University students will spend a Saturday beating back eight hours of computer attacks. It’s the latest edition of the annual Cyber Defense Competitions at Iowa State. It will run from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sept. 21 on the first floor of Coover Hall. The event is free and open …Continue reading “ECpE hosts annual Cyber Defense Competition”

Iowa State hosts world’s largest cyber defense competition

Iowa State Electrical and Computer Engineering hosted its annual student cyber defense competition on Saturday. With more than 150 student participants, the event ranked as the largest cyber defense competition in the world. Iowa State students were split into teams and were given two weeks to build their own systems on virtual machines that could …Continue reading “Iowa State hosts world’s largest cyber defense competition”

Jacobson awarded for contributions to information security education

Douglas Jacobson, University professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the Iowa State Information Assurance Center, was recently recognized with a 2011 Security 7 Award from the Information Security magazine for his work with information security education. Each year, the magazine honors seven professionals who have done work in the realm of information …Continue reading “Jacobson awarded for contributions to information security education”

Computer hackers take over Iowa State for competition

Hackers converged on Iowa State on Saturday for ISU’s annual Cyber Defense Competition that pitted ISU students against industry professionals in a game of virtual capture the flag. The CDC was made up of teams of ISU students who worked as defenders of cyber networks and fought malicious attacks from outside users. The situation was …Continue reading “Computer hackers take over Iowa State for competition”

Teams compete in ISU’s Cyber Defense Competition

Over 130 Iowa State students worked in teams to build, secure, and defend networks against experienced computer security professionals acting as hackers at Iowa State University’s Cyber Defense Competition on Saturday, October 15. The Iowa State University Information Assurance Center, in association with the Internet-Scale Event and Attack Generation Environment (ISEAGE) Laboratory, and the Information …Continue reading “Teams compete in ISU’s Cyber Defense Competition”