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Kessler Helps Create Biobased Coatings with Antibacterial Properties

Professor Michael Kessler has teamed up with Byron Brehm-Stecher, associate professor of food science and human nutrition, and Richard Larock, distinguished professor emeritus of chemistry, to develop soybean oil-based coatings that have antibacterial properties. The coatings could have applications in many areas, such as hospital sterilization, food processing and food packaging. The paper on this …Continue reading “Kessler Helps Create Biobased Coatings with Antibacterial Properties”

Professor Richard LeSar – Article Featured in MRS Bulletin

Dr. Richard LeSar, MSE Professor, had an article featured in the April 2012 MRS Bulletin Special Issue. The article, entitled “Teaching Sustainable Development in Materials Science and Engineering,” discusses three materials sustainability programs designed by the authors that are being implemented in the U.S. and the different approaches each program takes. The hope for these …Continue reading “Professor Richard LeSar – Article Featured in MRS Bulletin”

Greenhouse Trials Underway for Biobased Plant Containers Project

MSE professor Mike Kessler and the rest of the Biopolymers and Biocomposites Research Team (BBRT) are currently working on developing biorenewables and biodegradable containers for the specialty crop industry. They are researching biorenewable polymers and composites to find containers that function the same as the current petroleum-based plastic containers without the disadvantages.

Professor Mike Kessler interviewed on ScienceLives

The NSF/Live Science website features Professor Kessler and his group’s work with biorenewable plastics and self-healing composites.  It also includes an interview with Professor Kessler with responses to questions such as: What inspired you to choose this field of study? What is the best piece of advice you ever received? What was your first scientific …Continue reading “Professor Mike Kessler interviewed on ScienceLives”