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CoMFRE impacting peer-reviewed journals

CoMFRE researchers are not only at the center of teams making new discoveries in multiphase flows, they are also serving on editorial teams at the top peer-reviewed journals in the field.

Ted Heindel, director of CoMFRE, Bergles Professor of Thermal Science and University Professor of mechanical engineering, is an associate editor of International Journal of Multiphase Flow. He is also a co-organizer of the International Journal of Multiphase Flow Spotlight Virtual Seminar series, highlighting multiphase flow researchers from all over the world.

Rodney Fox, executive director of CoMFRE, Hershel B. Whitney Professor, Global Initiatives, and Distinguished Professor of chemical and biological engineering, and Shankar Subramaniam, founding director of CoMFRE and professor of mechanical engineering, both serve on the International Journal of Multiphase Flow’s editorial advisory board. Fox is also associate editor for the Transport Phenomena and Fluid Mechanics area of AIChE Journal.

“By serving as associate editors and advisory board members on leading academic journals, CoMFRE-affiliated faculty are making a true international impact on the field by serving the publications that are key to advancing our research,” said Heindel.

Beyond the multiphase flow community, other CoMFRE-affiliated researchers serve on editorial boards in their respective specialty areas, further amplifying the center’s impact in the broader discipline of engineering. CoMFRE faculty are editors and editorial board members of journals ranging from ASME Journal of Biomedical Engineering (Nicole Hashemi, associate professor of mechanical engineering) to Journal of Construction and Building Materials (Kejin Wang, Wilson Professor of Engineering and professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering).

CoMFRE researchers serving as editors or editorial board members:

  • 2 senior editor or editors
  • 6 associate editors
  • 5 editorial advisory board members