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2021 CCEE Hall of Fame and Distinguished Alumni Inductees

As part of Iowa State’s Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering’s (CCEE) 150-year anniversary celebration, 26 alumni of the CCEE department are being recognized for their professional achievements, service to the profession, community and/or the department, and their high degree of character and integrity. There are two different recognitions: Hall of Fame and Distinguished Alumni. The Hall of Fame is a lifetime professional and service achievement award, while the Distinguished Alumni is for alumni who have significant professional achievement and service. The 26 new inductees join 11 current members of the Hall of Fame initiated as part of the Construction Engineering’s 50th anniversary in 2010.


The 2021 inductees have a wide range of engineering expertise and impact, including national leaders in earthquake design, transportation, public health, water/wastewater treatment, construction, geotechnical, structural design, construction materials, management and education.


David Sanders, Greenwood Department Chair and professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering, said, “I could not be prouder of the new inductees into our Hall of Fame and the first class of Distinguished Alumni. These inductees are pioneers in their fields. They have changed the way our civil, construction and environmental engineering work is done in the United States and around the world. Their impact is global.”



2021 Hall of Fame inductees:

  • Thomas R. Agg, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1911
  • Delmar L. Bloem, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1943
  • Henry J. Brunnier, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1904
  • Joel A. Cerwick, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1966, master’s in civil engineering, 1968
  • John L. Cleasby, PhD in civil engineering, 1960
  • Roy W. Crum, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1907
  • Nathaniel S. Fox, master’s in civil engineering, 1966, PhD in civil engineering, 1966
  • Francis B. Francois, bachelor’s in engineering, 1956
  • Mary K. Hurd, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1947
  • Sandra Q. Larson, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1988
  • Thomas H. MacDonald, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1904
  • Anson Marston, honorary PhD in civil engineering, 1948
  • Conde McCullough, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1910
  • Thomas M. Murray, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1962
  • Jim Nissen, bachelor’s in construction engineering, 1981
  • Gerald R. Olson, master’s in civil engineering, 1958
  • Len C. Rodman, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1971, master’s in civil engineering, 1973
  • Dirk Schafer, bachelor’s in construction engineering, 1980
  • Harris F. Seidel, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1944, PhD in civil engineering, 1959
  • Merlin G. Spangler, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1919
  • Daniel J. Watkins, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1947
  • Elmina Wilson, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1892, master’s in civil engineering, 1894


2021 Distinguished Alumni inductees:

  • Benjamin Biller, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1981, master’s in civil engineering, 1982
  • Jeffrey Coleman, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1976, master’s in civil engineering, 1977
  • Michael Goodkind, master’s in civil engineering, 1967
  • Charles Wilson, bachelor’s in civil engineering, 1941


Read more about this year’s inductees and learn how to nominate someone for next year.


Nominations are vetted through a joint committee of the department’s two advisory councils, reviewed by the university and council executive committees, and then voted on by the Civil and Environmental Engineering External Advisory Council and the Construction Engineering Industry Advisory Council. If you’d like to nominate someone for 2022, please use this form. The nomination deadline is Aug. 1, 2021.


This year’s inductees will be honored at the CCEE 150th celebration, which will be held Sept. 16-18, 2021. It is a multiple-day event culminating with the honoring of the new inductees during a symposium on Saturday morning Sept. 18, and at the Celebration Banquet on Saturday night, being held at the Sukup End Zone at Jack Trice Stadium.