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Engineering employees honored at ISU 25 Year Club banquet

The ISU 25 Year Club celebrates the employees who reach 25, 35, 45, and 50 years of continuous service. The annual banquet was held on Monday, March 4 and honored employees for their longstanding contributions to Iowa State:

Celebrating 25 years of service:
Roy Gu, CCEE
Jay Harmon, ABE
Charles Jahren, CCEE
Paul Jewell, Engineering-LAS Online Learning
Brian Larson, Engineering Career Services
Tonia McCarley, Center for Biorenewable Chemicals
Katherine Petersen, CCEE
Glen Rippke, ABE
Akhilesh Tyagi, ECpE
Hongwei Xin, ABE

Celebrating 35 years of service:
Robert Brown, ME
Jeffrey Eichorn, IMSE
Martha Selby, MSE
Marti Steelman, AerE
Terry Wipf, CCEE

Celebrating 50 years of service:
Carl Bern, ABE