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CBE’s Wenzhen Li group sees fuel cell research published in chemical society journal

Dr. Wenzhen Li (left) and postdoctoral researcher Yang Qiu, part of the team that have seen their fuel cell research published.
Dr. Wenzhen Li (left) and chemical engineering postdoctoral researcher Yang Qiu are shown at work with their research project.

Dr. Wenzhen Li, Iowa State University Richard Seagrave Associate Professor, was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS). The research was conducted in collaboration with postdoctoral associate Dr. Yang Qiu, Ames Laboratory research scientist Lin Zhou, postdoctoral research associate Tao Ma, and others.

The publication was titled: “BCC-Phased PdCu Alloy as a Highly Active Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Oxidation in Alkaline Electrolytes.” The research highlighted the use of fuel cell systems. It not only opens a new route to develop more efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen oxidation reaction at the anodes of alkaline membrane-based fuel cells and electrolyzers; but also demonstrates the possibility of integrating two descriptors for better screening efficient electrocatalysts for fuel cells.

The full publication can be found here.

This image represents the PdCu catalysts obtained from the research.