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Nanovaccine Institute work on pancreatic cancer featured in ISU news story

CBE’s Balaji Narasimhan, chemical engineering grad students part of research team

The Iowa State University-based Nanovaccine Institute, led by Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Anson Marston Distinguished Professor Balaji Narasimhan, is the subject of a feature story produced by University News Service.

Read about the Institute’s work on nanovaccines for battling pancreatic cancer and how they may make a huge difference in how the often-fatal condition is treated in the future.

A photo of Nanovacccine Institute team members, including Narasimhan, and chemical engineering graduate students Kathleen Ross and Luman Liu, accompanies the story.

Nanovaccine Institute team members
Nanovaccine Institute team members are shown in this photo accompanying the feature story. Included are CBE’s Narasimhan (third row, right) and graduate students Kathleen Ross (third row, left) and Luman Liu (third row, center). Nanovaccine Institute photo, courtesy of ISU News Service