“Once in a lifetime” Spain summer lab for CBE students wraps up

ISU and University of Wisconsin students are all smiles, along with ISU faculty adviser Professor Stephanie Loveland, as they relax prior to returning to the U.S.

Eleven Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering have concluded their stay in Spain with the annual summer lab experience at the University of Oviedo.

The five-week undergraduate course is a cooperative endeavor between the Spanish university, Iowa State University and the University of Wisconsin. Students are immersed in an intensive laboratory research program that allows ISU participants to earn seven academic credits in two chemical engineering courses, in addition to three credits with options for use. It also features things such as on-site plant visits, as well as time for sightseeing, social functions and enjoying the local culture.

Students and Oviedo officials gather at the farewell feast as the program ends.

Iowa State CBE students participating this year were Dan Bell, Abbie Bruen, Jose Maldonado-Olvera, Ian Mathur, Jenny Matz, Mia Merritt, Kendall Neuberger, Erica Peterson, Chris Rogers, Katie Sullivan, and Zhanyi Yao. The faculty leader was Professor Stephanie Loveland.

Comments from participating students included “It has pushed me more than any class I have taken and has greatly improved my knowledge on a wide variety of subjects and writing skills;” “I really enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience and very much appreciate all the work the staff puts in to make this a great experience;” and, “I really felt that all faculty were very involved and very helpful. I got thorough and constructive criticism from everyone. Professors were always willing to help with all questions.”

Preparations for next year’s Oviedo program will soon begin, and am informational meeting will be held in late September. Interested students should watch for more information at the beginning of fall semester.

2 thoughts on ““Once in a lifetime” Spain summer lab for CBE students wraps up

  1. Is this option usually available after ChemE junior year? Would that mean that students would miss out on a possible internship/co-op since that is also the target time to attain that opportunity as well?

  2. (From Professor Stephanie Loveland, ISU Oviedo Summer Lab coordinator): Students become eligible for the program once they have completed their junior year courses in ChE. Many students also opt to take internships or co-ops after their sophomore or junior year. This program doesn’t prevent them from doing so. If a student is interested in pursuing an internship after their junior year, there are a couple of options. Some will do summer-fall internships after returning from Oviedo, since they complete the course there before the end of June. Others choose to do an internship after their junior year and then do the Oviedo program after their senior year. With this option, they walk through graduation in May and then go to Oviedo to complete their coursework. Any student who is interested is encouraged to speak with their advisor, myself, or Dr. Haman to discuss the options.

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