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Faculty and staff recognized during 2016 College of Engineering Convocation

On Sept. 8, Sarah Rajala, James L. and Katherine S. Melsa Dean of Engineering, welcomed College of Engineering faculty and staff to the start of the new year with the 2016 Convocation. During the presentation, she discussed the past year’s accomplishments and goals for the next year, provided a financial update, and recognized new faculty and staff as well as those who recently received promotions. She also congratulated named faculty positions, patent awards and college awards.

New Named Faculty Positions
Jeramy Ashlock (CCEE) Richard L. Handy Professorship
Degang Chen (ECpE) Jerry R. Junkins Chair in the College of Engineering
Shauna Hallmark (CCEE and InTrans) Paulsen Professorship in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Hui Hu (AerE) Martin C. Jischke Professorship in Aerospace Engineering
James McCalley (ECpE) Jack London Chair in Power Systems Engineering
Sarah Ryan (IMSE) Joseph Walkup Professorship in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Sri Sritharan (CCEE) Wilkinson Chair in the College of Engineering

Patent Awards
Robert Brown (ME, CBE, ABE and BEI) Method for PreTreating Lignocellulosic Biomass
Robert Brown (ME, CBE, ABE and BEI) and Chris Williams (CCEE) Bio-Oil Formulation as an Asphalt Substitute
Mani Mina (ECpE) Advanced Drive Circuitry for Sagnac Interferometric Switch Utilizing Faraday Rotation
Rich Wlezien (AerE) Maximally Efficient Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Faculty and Staff Awards
Daniel Andersen (ABE) Superior Engineering Extension Award
Kaitlin Bratlie (MSE and CBE) Early Career Engineering Faculty Research Award
Larry W. Cormicle (CCEE) Superior Engineering Advisor Award
Deb DeWall (Engineering Student Services) Dean’s Staff Excellence Award
Beth Hartmann (CCEE) Superior Engineering Teacher Award
Simon LaFlamme (CCEE) Early Career Engineering Faculty Research Award
Martha Selby (MSE) Superior Engineering Teacher Award
James Shahan (ABE) Superior Engineering Teacher Award
Sri Sritharan (CCEE) D.R. Boylan Eminent Faculty Award for Research