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Team PrISUm visits the National Governor’s Association Meeting

On Saturday, July 16, Team PrISUm took to the road to visit the National Governor’s Association Summer Meeting held July 14-17 in Des Moines, Iowa. The National Governor’s Association is an organization that speaks with a collective voice on national policy and develops innovative solutions that improve state government. This year, the organization asked Team PrISUm to display its solar car as part of the festivities that take place during the meeting.

Team PrISUm is a student-led organization that uses outreach events to share information about its car and inspire future generations to pursue their passions DSC_0068though education. The following members attended the National Governor’s Association meeting:

  • Matt Goode (materials engineering)
  • Rebecca Lehman (materials engineering)
  • Charlotte Brandenburg (materials engineering)
  • Dylan Neal (mechanical engineering)
  • Elliot Suiter (mechanical engineering)
  • Arun Sondhi (software engineering)

Check out Team PrISUm’s upcoming solar car race here.