ECpE’s Dalal Receives IBM Faculty Award

Vikram Dalal’s solar cell research continues to turn heads. Dalal, Thomas M. Whitney Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, was awarded the 2012 IBM Faculty Award, his second in as many years. Much of the $38,000 award will go toward building a new deposition system for the solar research teams. “This award will go a [Continue Reading…]

Dalal receives IBM faculty award

The search for eco-friendly energy sources is a worldwide affair, and researchers are drawing closer to new innovations every day. Among this group of determined professionals is Vikram Dalal, Thomas M. Whitney Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Dalal, who is working to advance solar energy, recently received the 2011 IBM Faculty Award. He has [Continue Reading…]

Chaudhary’s quest to improve organic solar cell efficiency gains traction with new approach and funding

An engineering professor’s plan to introduce ferroelectrics into the organic layers used to fabricate polymer solar cells may be the ingredient that could make the technology available to consumers in the very near future. Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Sumit Chaudhary says ferroelectric materials, which act like dipoles with a positive and negative [Continue Reading…]

Dalal elected American Physical Society fellow

Ames, Iowa – Vikram Dalal, Thomas M. Whitney Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS) for his pioneering applied research in physics of thin-film photovoltaic materials and devices and for inventing industrially important photovoltaic devices. Being elected a fellow is a distinguished honor signifying recognition [Continue Reading…]

Sustainable expectations

While on travel in California, I drove past a car dealership with signage advertising a solar powered station for recharging the batteries of electric cars. Parked in the dealer’s lot was a trailer unit that evidently could be moved from location to location and contained the recharging equipment. The trailer held a large flat panel [Continue Reading…]

Governor visits Iowa State as part of renewable energy tour

During a tour of renewable energy projects in the state, Iowa Governor Chet Culver stopped by Iowa State University on August 5 to learn more about the university’s research projects supported by the Iowa Power Fund. Vikram Dalal, Thomas M. Whitney Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is leading one of two Iowa Power Fund projects [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State’s external funding hits record $305.2 million in FY2009

The College of Engineering at Iowa State is responsible for attracting much of the record funding during fiscal year 2009. Projects range from the NSF Engineering Research Center for Biorenewable Chemicals to rapid highway renewal, biofuels research, a clean gasification system, energy and transportation infrastructures, and solar energy. Read more .