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Faculty receive special recognition

Ten Iowa State faculty members received special awards for the 2015-16 academic year. Three faculty each have been named Distinguished and University Professor, and four have been named Morrill Professor. They, along with other university and regent award recipients, will be honored Sept. 21 at the annual faculty and staff awards ceremony.

Distinguished Professor

The Distinguished Professorship recognizes exemplary performance in research or creative activities as reflected by a national or international reputation in the faculty member’s discipline. Recipients receive a $6,500 increase to their base salaries and retain the title for the remainder of their Iowa State careers.

Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture and Life Sciences

  • Stephen Howell, professor of genetics, development and cell biology

Distinguished Professor in Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Daniel Nettleton, Laurence H. Baker Chair in Biological Statistics and professor of statistics

Anson Marston Distinguished Professor in Engineering

  • Brent Shanks, Mike and Jean Steffenson Professor of chemical and biological engineering

University Professor

The University Professorship recognizes faculty members whose professional work has resulted in positive, significant institutional change, beyond a one-time impact. Recipients receive a $6,000 increase to their base salaries and retain the title for the remainder of their Iowa State careers.

  • Drena Dobbs, professor of genetics, development and cell biology
  • Derrick Rollins, professor of chemical and biological engineering and of statistics
  • Diane Rover, professor of electrical and computer engineering

Morrill Professor

The Morrill Professorship recognizes faculty members with outstanding success in teaching and learning in undergraduate, graduate or extension/outreach programs. They join Iowa State’s Morrill Academy for Teaching and Learning, where they will share their expertise with other faculty. Recipients receive a $6,000 increase to their base salaries and retain the title for the remainder of their Iowa State careers.

  • Kristen Constant, Wilkinson Professor in Interdisciplinary Engineering and chair, materials science and engineering
  • James Noxon, professor of veterinary clinical services
  • Craig Ogilvie, professor of physics and astronomy
  • Brad Shrader, University Professor of management

This article was originally published by Rob Schweers at Inside Iowa State.

One thought on “Faculty receive special recognition

  1. It is a great pleasure to learn about my PhD mentor, Dr. Brent Shanks has been awarded the Distinguished Professorship! He is well deserved to receive this honor for many of his achievement. I have been working with Dr. Shanks for 4 years and it is definately one of the most memorable phase of my life. As a native Iowan, Dr. Shanks has been so dedicated to take advantage of the resources that Iowa has, biomass from corn and soybean production. He pioneered the work of solid catalyst for biofuel from vegetable oil, and pointed out the combined chemical and biological catalysis is the key for the future production of chemicals that we use daily. For this vision, he and his group have been tirelessly working over a decade, achieving so many milestones, namely he established the first-ever NSF engineering research center at ISU and believe it or not, before the center’s establishment, peer researchers flies over Iowa to either east or west coast to attend conferences to learn about biomass conversion. But now, hundreds of professors, industry folks, postdoc and graduate students come to Ames, Iowa, twice a year to visit the center he founded, to learn about the latest, most advanced chemical and biological technologies in biomass conversion. In a word, Dr. Shanks is the best of best in the world of biomass conversion and has envisioned, defined and practiced the most promising research direction that hundreds, if not thousands research group worldwide joined, and worked on this project, partially by his inspiration.

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