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Outstanding ISU women honored in Catt Center calendar

Beth Hartmann, lecturer of of civil, construction and environmental engineering, was chosen as an honoree for the Women Impacting ISU calendar. Hartmann is a two-time alumna from Iowa State for receiving a bachelor’s degree in architecture in 1989 and a master’s in construction engineering in 1996.

She returned to Iowa State in 2009 and began teaching in the fall. “I teach a lot. I learned every student’s name, and I know their names by the first two or three weeks of class,” Hartmann said. “I know it’s important to them and it’s important to me.”

Hartmann also advises a learning community for construction engineers and the capstone course for civil and construction engineers.

In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Hartmann coaches teams for a national competition where universities assemble teams that select buildings on their campuses to research and develop strategies for reducing energy usage. She was also part of the Navy ROTC program and served as a Civil Engineer Corps officer for 20 years.

Gloria Cain, academic advisor in computer science and software engineering, and Amy Kaleita, associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, were also chosen as honorees for the calendar.

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