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Engineering students learn glassblowing skills through Gaffer’s Guild

Blowing glass is a form of art that takes practice to perfect. The glassblowing studio on campus has been used to perfect that art within the Gaffer’s Guild.

The Gaffer’s Guild is made up of ISU students and Ames residents who  learn to create unique glass objects.

“Your imagination is your limit,” said Tanner Borglum, senior in computer engineering and member of the Gaffer’s Guild. “So if you want to make a salamander sitting on a rock you can experiment, test and perfect that creation.”

Individuals make glass objects to keep for themselves and contribute to commissions that are sold at VEISHEA and Art Mart.

“The policy is ‘make one, save one,’” said Steve Martin, distinguished professor of materials science and engineering, and faculty advisor of the Gaffer’s Guild. “And the kids are really good about it.”

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