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Engineering invests $2.2m in undergraduate program

Thirteen new educational projects are underway in the Iowa State College of Engineering as part of a continuous improvement initiative for undergraduate education.

“With our record enrollment, we recognize we need to invest in our classes and laboratories,” said engineering dean Jonathan Wickert. “We asked our faculty and staff in each department to think about their highest priority needs and come up with ideas to accommodate growth and improve the quality of our undergraduate program.”

The projects will enhance student learning, improve efficiency, and build collaboration. The projects, faculty, and staff member leaders, and academic departments involved are:

  • “Collaborative online laboratories,” Sriram Sundararajan (ME), with ECpE, ABE, and CBE
  • “High-capacity and high-throughput laboratories,” Joseph Zambreno (ECpE)
  • “Aerospace undergraduate laboratory revitalization,” Vinay Dayal (AerE)
  • “Building bridges between labs and shops with the undergraduate interdisciplinary resource hub,” Bill Rickard (AerE), with ME, IMSE, ABE, and the College of Design
  • “Computing lab facility for software engineering,” Samik Basu (SE)
  • “Hands-on learning across the curriculum,” Raj Raman (ABE), with ME
  • “Shop safety learning and training,” Nir Keren (ABE)
  • “Manufacturing lab collaboration,” Frank Peters (IMSE), with ME
  • Lab enhancements in chemical and biological engineering,” Charles Glatz (CBE)
  • “Improving learning in engineering mechanics,” Loren Zachary (AerE)
  • Hybrid learning in engineering courses,“ Charles Jahren (CCEE), IMSE and ABE
  • “Broadening participation in international study,” Mufit Akinc (MSE)
  • Enhancing geotechnical engineering laboratories,” Jeramy Ashlock (CCEE)

These 13 projects, representing a one-time investment of $2.2m, will support each of the college’s departments, and some projects span multiple departments to promote interdisciplinary education.

“We will have the faculty and staff project leaders gather for a symposium next year to demonstrate the impact of their work,” said Gary Mirka, the college’s associate dean for undergraduate and graduate education. “The expected outcomes from these projects will be innovative ideas that can be replicated across departments for even greater impact.”