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New study predicts metal fatigue with less data, saving lives and money

In collaboration with John Deere, Iowa State University materials engineers developed a new method to quickly and accurately predict fatigue crack growth in metals – a costly engineering problem that is responsible for loss of human life. Fatigue ultimately caused the collapse of the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota that killed 13 people …Continue reading “New study predicts metal fatigue with less data, saving lives and money”

ECpE, MSE students harness energy from liquid crystals

Recent graduates in electrical engineering Josh Grindeland and John Etherington, and graduates in materials engineering Tommy Geske and Trent Borman proved that it is possible to extract electrical energy from waste heat at the ECpE Senior Design Demonstration on May 30. The team had spent nine months prior designing and developing a device that uses …Continue reading “ECpE, MSE students harness energy from liquid crystals”

Developing new batteries for space exploration

Batteries have become such a modern day convenience that many times we don’t think about them until they need recharged or replaced. Even in space, batteries make life easier by advancing exploration when they are used in land rovers, astronaut equipment and energy storage devices. But creating a battery for space exploration requires some interesting …Continue reading “Developing new batteries for space exploration”