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Research looks to prevent human exposure to water-borne pathogens

Michelle Soupir, assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, is currently working on two research projects dealing with the fate and transport of bacteria from livestock systems. Her first project, funded by the National Pork Board and the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, looks at understanding the occurrence and movement of antibiotics, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and …Continue reading “Research looks to prevent human exposure to water-borne pathogens”

Putting an end to questionable water

Farming in the Midwest, especially Iowa, is in ample supply as crop fields and livestock farms stretch for miles. With such an abundance of agriculture in the region, environmental discord resulting from farming techniques such as fertilization is something Iowa State researchers are working to resolve. Fertilization, a necessity when growing high-quality corn, can compromise …Continue reading “Putting an end to questionable water”