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Nebraska farm roots create an interest in water

Charles Ikenberry, agricultural engineering Ph.D. student, studies watershed modeling “Over the river and through the woods…” is a popular holiday song, but water and the outdoors describe Charles Ikenberry’s interests since a young age; he is still working in this industry as he gets a Ph.D. in agricultural engineering while working at the Iowa Department …Continue reading “Nebraska farm roots create an interest in water”

Putting an end to questionable water

Farming in the Midwest, especially Iowa, is in ample supply as crop fields and livestock farms stretch for miles. With such an abundance of agriculture in the region, environmental discord resulting from farming techniques such as fertilization is something Iowa State researchers are working to resolve. Fertilization, a necessity when growing high-quality corn, can compromise …Continue reading “Putting an end to questionable water”

Boaters, swimmers on Iowa lakes may see cleaner water after ISU study

As summer days get hotter, many lakes around Iowa start to develop blue-green algae that can impair recreation and harm drinking water. Iowa State University researchers are examining why the algae, known as Cyanobacteria, invade the lakes and what can be done about it.