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I Became an Engineer: Because of a lunch box

The first time AerE alum Elizabeth Bierman thought about engineering was when she saw the astronaut picture on her new lunch box in fourth grade. Bierman, who currently works for Honeywell as a principal systems engineer, found a flyer for NASA’s Young Astronaut program in that lunchbox and joined the program shortly after. Six months …Continue reading “I Became an Engineer: Because of a lunch box”

Lifehacker Career Spotlight: Elizabeth Bierman

Iowa State University alumna Elizabeth Bierman is a senior project engineer at Honeywell Aerospace where she specializes in avionics and is the president of the Society of Women Engineers. Bierman, who received her degree in aerospace engineering from ISU, works a wide variety of bright minds to create the technologies that guide aircraft to their destinations, is a mother …Continue reading “Lifehacker Career Spotlight: Elizabeth Bierman”

President-Elect Elizabeth Bierman hopes to expand SWE globally

Elizabeth Bierman began her term as president-elect of the Society of Women Engineers this year, but her connection to the group goes back to her freshman year at Iowa State. Bierman joined SWE after her first week on campus in 1994, and her participation grew each year, extending to the professional level. Graduating from Iowa …Continue reading “President-Elect Elizabeth Bierman hopes to expand SWE globally”