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Stoplight cameras improve safety, ISU finds

A few years ago, Iowa State studied “The Effectiveness of Iowa’s Automated Red Light Running Enforcement Programs.” And how effective are they, especially when it comes to reducing accidents? On Wednesday, the day the Des Moines Police Department called a news conference to say cameras would go live on designated city thoroughfares by the end …Continue reading “Stoplight cameras improve safety, ISU finds”

Portable simulator helps to create safer driving experience

The Center for Transportation Research and Education (CTRE) at the Institute for Transportation (InTrans) is helping to make the roads safer with the “MiniCym,” a quarter-cab driver simulator. “This is a tool that will help us explore new areas of researched related to road safety and human factors,” said Shashi Nambisan, professor of civil, construction …Continue reading “Portable simulator helps to create safer driving experience”