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Iowa State alum turns passion project into a reality with the help of Boyd Lab

When Sebastien Mueller (‘19 mech engr) was young, his dad told a story about his quest to “save the Dahu,” a goat whose legs are shorter on one side than the other, making it so Dahus can only walk in circles around their mountain homes. The story was the inspiration behind the name for the …Continue reading “Iowa State alum turns passion project into a reality with the help of Boyd Lab”

ME students operate a bike repair shop in Ames Two brothers at Iowa State have combined their interest in mechanical engineering and their passion for cycling with a start-up business. Jared Trent, 21, and Brady Trent, 19, have owned and operated Trent Bicycles since August. Their business, operated out of a garage on Ames’s southeast side, offers bicycle repairs as well as preowned …Continue reading “ME students operate a bike repair shop in Ames”

University students build their own bike share

Iowa State University received an honorable mention in today’s Bicycle Friendly University awards. In the Fall 2015 issue of our American Bicyclist magazine, we showcased an inspiring story from ISU. Mark Kargol, a Lecturer in the Department of Industrial design at ISU, shared the evolving story of Cybike — a campus bike share system conceived and created entirely by students.

Class develops proposal to improve transportation safety on campus

On a warm spring day, Iowa State’s campus appears to swell with people. Eager to enjoy the outdoors after a long winter, students pack the sidewalks and roadways as they head to their next class. CyRide drivers carefully navigate the crowded streets, keeping a wary eye out for distracted students that jaywalk in front of their bus.