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New environmental engineering degree a success

two sets of hands holding water sample in jar
students collecting water samples on Skunk River at dusk

Launched in 2020, Iowa State University’s new major in environmental engineering has people at the heart of its early success:

  • 81 students now enrolled
  • 47% are women or another under-represented minority in STEM
  • A learning community supports engagement and build connections
  • Collaborative, student-driven data-collection projects in the first year
Kaoru Ikuma

“Cyclone Engineers are focused on using innovation to advance environmental justice. We are developing new technologies and approaches to take on a variety of environmental engineering challenges – with the fair treatment of all people at the heart of our work.”

Kaoru Ikuma, Cerwick Faculty Fellow, associate professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering

Daria Dilparic

“As a student water operator, I put my classroom engineering skills to practice, with responsibility for maintaining the public water supply from start to finish. It is incredibly rewarding to be part of providing a necessity to the Ames community, while I’m still a student, especially one with a direct connection to quality of life and health outcomes.”

Daria Dilparic (’22 environmental engr)
Graduate student in environmental engineering
Student operator at the City of Ames Water and Pollution Control Department