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Opportunities for seed grants to support student research on the topic of agrivoltaics

The Agriculture and Solar Together: Research Opportunities (ASTRO) advisory group members come from across the United States and represent leading solar industry partners, state agencies, and other organizations focused on research, food and agricultural, and the environment. The ASTRO members provide feedback to InSPIRE performers on research directions and study designs, while also facilitating dissemination of results to relevant stakeholders. For more information click here: Seed grant opportunities.

ASTRO CALL RECORDINGS                                                             

Summer 2022

Presenters: Dr. Alona Armstrong, Lancaster University; Dr. Sujith Raji, Temple University; Heidi Hartmann, Argonne National Laboratory

Spring 2022

Presenters: Jordan Macknick, NREL (Seed Grants); Ian Skor, Sandbox Solar; Mike Marsh, Bluewave Solar; Dustin Vanasse, Bare Honey

Winter 2022

Presenters: Brian Ross, Great Plains Institute; Dr. Margaret Skinner, University of Vermont; Laura Lukens, Monarch Joint Venture