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Two ABE associate professors named Cybersecurity Fellows

Two associate professors in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE), Adina Howe and Kurt Rosentrater have been named Cybersecurity faculty fellows. Cybersecurity fellows will work with ISU Center for Cybersecurity Innovation and Outreach specialists to integrate cybersecurity content into courses. 

 Adina Howe says with this fellowship, she aims to combine material discussing what methods and tools can be used to provide data privacy in their class material.

“In ABE 316 Numerical Methods, we work with many different types of data and how to manage and analyze different types of data,” Howe said. “An aspect of cybersecurity that relates to our class is the concept of data integrity, specifically privacy and accessibility.”

Kurt Rosentrater says Agriculture and food industries are critical infrastructures, as illustrated throughout the COVID crisis.

“I am excited to develop new teaching materials for my ABE 469 – Grain Storage and Processing course,” Rosentrater said. “Grain storage and processing facilities are key to Iowa’s economy, and computer control systems play an increasing role in maintaining and guaranteeing the quality of Iowa’s commodities through the grain supply chain. We must protect these systems from cyber threats.”