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ME graduate student earns top ASME Fluid Engineering Division award

A flyer from the American Society of Mechanical Engineering with details about Roy's lecture

 Roy Pillers, mechanical engineering graduate student, was named the 2020 FED Prof. Kirti Ghia Scholar. The Fluids Engineering Division [of ASME] selects several students representing a different technical committee and awards them the ASME FED Graduate Student Scholar (GSS) Award. The Prof. Kirti Ghia Scholar award is the highest and most prestigious of these awards recognizing the best graduate student submission for the conference.

The award covered Pillers’ registration fee for the virtual conference and as a result of the award, Pillers is now eligible to apply for a travel scholarship to attend next year’s FED meeting. Additionally, Pillers is assigned to the Fluid Measurement and Instrumentation Technical Committee (FMITC) and receives a mentor.

“This allowed me to attend the online FEDSM (Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting) and present and publish my work on ‘Backlit Imaging of a Circular Plunging Jet With Floor Interactions,’ as well as spend time as a member of the FED FMITC,” Pillers said.

Pillers’ research focuses on plunging jets. His presentation and the paper being published through the FEDSM 2020 conference are on the development of a tank investigating compressive effects due to floor interactions on plunging jets.