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CCEE and ECpE “Glass Box” research published

In-Ho Cho, assistant professor in civil, construction and environmental engineering, Qiang Li, graduate student studying electrical and computer engineering, Rana Biswas, adjunct professor at ECpE and Physics and Astronomy and scientist at the Microelectronics Research Center, and Jaeyoun Kim, associate professor in electrical and computer engineering, recently had research published in “Nature Communications Physics,” a research-based publication. 

Within the research, the team proposes a framework that can infuse scientists’ basic knowledge into a glass-box rule learner to extract hidden physical rules behind complex physics phenomena.

This new framework will provide “a new pathway to make AI become a research partner, not a simple tool,” Cho said. 

Cho added that his team works to discover hidden rules of pathways, which helps to coin the term “glass-box,” making the pathways more transparent and clear to scientists and researchers. 

“Our approach can help reveal hidden physical rules behind any challenging research domains where complex data and unknown rules exist,” Cho said. “A few applications to Iowa industries would be bio-medical industries tackling nano-scale drug absorption rules, more efficient design of wind power plants, and fighting new diseases of animals and plants.”