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100 years of the American Society of Civil Engineers at Iowa State University

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) at Iowa State University is celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 2020. This chapter exposes members to real-life work challenges of civil engineering. ASCE promotes civil engineering professions by facilitating interactions of students, faculty and industry professionals. The club provides guest speakers, educational field trips and informational meetings on various aspects of civil engineering. As members of ASCE at Iowa State, students have opportunities to take part in social and outreach events to meet new students. Members also have the opportunity to join the ISU Steel Bridge and ISU Concrete Canoe teams for hands-on civil engineering experiences.

“I joined ASCE at the end of my second semester of freshman year because I wanted to be a part of a civil engineering group. I joined Concrete Canoe to be more involved and meet more ASCE members. Junior year, I was elected outreach chair. I was able to plan and lead our spring break service trip in Texas. This year I was elected vice president, where I coordinate professionals for speaker meetings and our semester trips. These two positions have really helped me grow as a leader. Through ASCE I have been able to learn about civil engineering career opportunities, expanded my network, improved my leadership skills and gain lifelong friends.” -Kaylee Wiskus, student

“Being a part of ASCE opens multiple doors of opportunities in the civil engineering field. It is so satisfying to be able to recognize my personal growth within ASCE as my college career is coming to a close. Likewise, from a leader standpoint, watching the younger ASCE members grow and develop their knowledge and skills in civil engineering is a rewarding process. Knowing that ASCE has given you the opportunity to help shape young minds to become better
students, engineers and people really makes you value this organization and position.” -Carter Bohle, student


Group photo of the early years of ASCE at Iowa State University.
ASCE float in the Iowa State homecoming parade.