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Micro-g NExT team selected for testing phase of NASA design competition

Iowa State University’s Micro-g Neutral Buoyancy Experiment Design Team (Micro-g NExT) has been selected to advance to Phase II of the NASA design competition.

Micro-g NExT challenges undergraduate students to design, build and test a tool or device that addresses a real-life space exploration challenge. Iowa State’s team has been selected to conduct test operations in the simulated microgravity environment at the NASA Johnson Space Center Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.

Iowa State’s team will develop and test a spacewalk (or EVA) camera attachment mechanism, a device that connects cameras to the exterior of the International Space Station to give mission control a better view of EVA operations.

The team’s work began as a Make to Innovate project and students will spend the spring semester finalizing a design and building, before testing at the Johnson Space Center in May.

The Iowa Space Grant Consortium is supporting the construction of the mechanism and travel to Houston for testing.