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PrISUm at ASC ’18: Andrew Kraus

This is part of a series featuring students from Team PrISUm who are competing in the 2018 Formula Sun Grand Prix (July 10-12) and American Solar Challenge (July 14-22). This year’s race follows portions of the Oregon Trail, beginning in Omaha, Nebraska and finishing in Bend, Oregon.

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Name: Andrew Kraus

Hometown: Marion, Iowa

Year: Sophomore

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Role on PrISUm: Assistant Systems Director

Career aspirations: Work in the field of green energy, anywhere from wind turbines to electric cars.

Your favorite part of being on Team PrISUm?
The people.  We have such a great group of people that it makes coming into the shop or the office to work on something so much fun.

What advice would you have for a student interested in joining PrISUm?
If you want to accelerate your learning, get real world practice, beef up your resume significantly, and on top of it meet some really cool people and have a lot of fun.  Then PrISUm is the perfect club for you.