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Engineering Online Learning’s Paul Jewell receives ASEE Distinguished Service Award

Paul Jewell

Paul Jewell, director of industry relations and Collaborative Technology Services for Iowa State’s Engineering-LAS Online Learning (ELO), was honored with the 2018 Joseph M. Biedenbach Distinguished Service Award at the annual American Society for Engineering Education’s Continuing Professional Development Division.

“This is the highest award presented by the CPDD division and is given to someone who has rendered noteworthy leadership and service within the division,” said Kim Scalzo, executive director of Open SUNY and President of the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education.

“Someone who provides outstanding service to the continuing professional development of engineers and exemplifies the attributes associated with Joseph M. Biedenbach.”

Biedenbach served as a driving force behind continuing engineering education, holding various leadership positions, serving as a professor of continuing engineering education and forming the first College Industry Education Conference in 1976.

“I’m honored to have my name associated with Biedenbach’s efforts,” Jewell said.

Jewell has served ASEE’s CPDD as the division chair and awards chair.

“Jewell is well-known throughout the nation for his expertise in engineering education,” Scalzo said.

Known to some as “Mister AV,” Jewell is the one to turn to when you need something to get done, according to Scalzo.

“This is quite an honor for Paul and recognizes his service to the organization on behalf of Iowa State, ELO and our predecessor organizations,” said Mark Woolley, ELO program director and operations.

According to Scalzo, Jewell has shown his dedication to supporting education through technology and providing outstanding leadership and service throughout his 33-year professional career.

“He has inspired us, just as Joe Biedenbach did,” Scalzo said.

The award was named after Biedenbach in 1982, and continues after his sudden death in 1990, to keep his legacy of generating ideas, molding students into professionals, inspiring hard work toward important ideas and, most of all, getting things done.

“Biedenbach’s warmth, laugh and leadership still inspire us today,” said Scalzo.

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