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ASEE presents award to ECpE University Professor Diane Rover

Chair of the ASEE ECE Division Russ Meier presents 2017 Meritorious Service Award to Diane Rover.

This year the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Electrical and Computer Education (ECE) Division presented the Meritorious Service Award to University Professor Diane Rover of Iowa State University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department. The award recognizes a commendable service to the ASEE ECE Division over an extended period of time. Rover was presented with the award at the Business Meeting of the ECE Division at the ASEE Annual Conference, held in Columbus, Ohio.

“ASEE is the largest professional organization supporting engineering education across all engineering disciplines and is organized into divisions focusing on disciplines and special interests,” Rover said.

Rover has been an ASEE member for 25 years, getting involved shortly after starting her first job as a professor at Michigan State University. Since then she has become more involved with ASEE in many different ways, such as presenting papers at the ASEE Annual Conference and writing book review articles and editing several others for the Academic Bookshelf in the ASEE Journal of Engineering Education from 2001 to 2008. She has also served  in officer positions in the ECE Division and was named 2012 ASEE Fellow for contributions to ECE.

ASEE provides many resources about engineering education, such as the ASEE PRISM magazine. It is the premier community for engineering educators,” Rover said. “ASEE is a hub of the engineering education community. I’m proud to be an ASEE member and strive to support ASEE in its efforts to advance engineering education.”

Rover believes all of her work has been fulfilling and hopes that it is at value to others. She says it is a pleasure working with colleagues, collaborators and mentors who regularly participate in the ECE division that focuses on electrical and computer engineering education.

Rover is also pleased to be a part of such a rich history, not only with ASEE but also with Iowa State. Several of Iowa State’s ECpE alumni and past faculty have served as an ASEE president, as well as current Iowa State University’s Dean of Engineering Sarah Rajala. However, the first Dean of Engineering at Iowa State, Anson Marston, who Marston Hall is named after, also served as an ASEE president from 1914-15.

“We all appreciate hearing thank you, especially from colleagues I admire and respect. I have them to thank, because in many ways, I followed in their footsteps,” Rover said. “They set examples and offered inspiration for me, and hopefully I can do the same for others.”