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GENETICS highlights article authored by Lizhi Wang in April 2017 issue

GENETICS featured an article authored by Lizhi Wang, associate professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, and others in the April 2017 issue. The journal included the summary of the article, “The Predicted Cross Value for Genetic Introgression of Multiple Alleles,” in their Issue Highlights section. 

The article’s authors are Ye Han, John N. Cameron, Lizhi Wang, and William D. Beavis, and the summary of the article is below.

Han et al. introduce a new metric, the Predicted Cross Value (PCV), for selecting breeding parents. Unlike estimated breeding values, which represent predictions of general combining ability, the PCV predicts specific combining ability The PCV takes estimates of recombination frequencies as an input vector and calculates the probability that a pair of parents will produce a gamete with desirable alleles at all specified loci.

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From GENETICS is published by the Genetics Society of America, a scholarly society that seeks to deepen our understanding of the living world by advancing our understanding of genetics.