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Valery Levitas honored at international conference

Valery Levitas, a Schafer 2050 Challenge Professor of aerospace engineering was honored at a symposium at the 23rd International Conference on Plasticity, Damage & Fracture on January 3-9 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The symposium, “Structural Changes in Materials,” was organized by aerospace engineering faculty Dr. Liming Xiong and his colleagues.

Schaefer 2050 Challenge Professor Valery Levitas was honored for his contributions in the field of phase transformation and plasticity.

The International Conference on Plasticity, Damage & Fracture is a prime forum for material plasticity research bringing 300-400 scientists from around the world. The symposium in honor of Dr. Levitas brought together world-wide distinguished researchers from multiple disciplines for a vibrant discussion of the research frontiers in the respective fields of phase transformations and plasticity in materials.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Levitas has been a much-admired teacher, a mentor, a colleague, and a friend to all who worked with him. The symposium was very successful, and turned out to be a great occasion for Valery’s world-wide collaborators and friends to get together to celebrate Dr. Levitas’ contributions and their association with him.