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AerE 462 students take their R/C planes for a test flight

Students in Dr. Leifsson’s AerE 462 course conceived, designed, and built R/C model aircrafts. This past Saturday, they had the opportunity to put them to the test. In a field just east of Ames, the students flew the aircrafts they had designed and built.

The project the students were designing was for a commercial transport cargo aircraft. They started last semester in AerE 461 where they did the conceptual design of the aircraft. This semester, the students continued conceptual design, but also performed wind tunnel testing to characterize their designs at low speeds, and flight testing using R/C model versions of their designs. They had to design and fabricate their wind tunnel models and R/C models using the facilities at the aerospace engineering department.

Take a look at the video to see their designs in action.

Remote Control Planes-Flight Testing from Iowa State Aerospace Engineering on Vimeo.

Team 1:


Team 2:


Team 3:


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Team 6:

AerE 462 Team 6