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Chloe McPherson: National publications chairperson

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Chloe McPherson
Chloe McPherson, National publications chairperson.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Chloe McPherson has made great strides as an Iowa State University student and as the NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) national publications chairperson. From a young age, McPherson knew she would become an engineer, and that lead her to Iowa State. Coming in as undeclared engineering, Mcpherson, who loved music, math, and science, moved into mechanical engineering because it allowed her to explore multiple areas of interest.

Now, McPherson is a graduate student studying human-computer interaction. She’s working with VRAC (Virtual Reality Application Center) on research in augmented reality, dealing with implementing digital information into the real world.

“Picture an empty candy bowl in front of you. Now, say, you have a tablet and when you hold the tablet in front of the candy bowl, it will look like it is being filled with candy on the tablet. However, in our world, it is not actually being filled with candy,” she explains.

McPherson also plans to explore the possibilities associated with 3D printing as she continues in her academics.

Another area where McPherson spends much of her time and attention is with NSBE. When she was a freshman, McPherson was looking for a place to fit in that also had purpose, and she says finding NSBE was more like finding a supporting family rather than an organization.

She quickly got more involved in the group, attending a national convention held in Toronto, where she met attendees with diverse backgrounds who displayed a variety of different jobs, projects and research.

Motivated by her experiences, McPherson became the vice president of the Iowa State University NSBE chapter her junior year and president her senior year, ready to chase her ambitions and create a path for future members. McPherson still wanted to do more, so she moved into the regional level of the organization, serving as the Missouri-Zone assistant vice chair, where she ensured all the chapters under her control were adequately supplied with vital information needed to perform their duties.

McPherson is now the NSBE national publications chairperson. She says moving from regional to national was a big move, but she is glad she did it. Her current responsibilities revolve around working with the publications for NSBE, including the three NSBE magazines and the organization’s e-newsletter, and she also creates most of the graphics for NSBE’s social media.

After graduation, McPherson wants to continue to be a part of NSBE in the professional division. She’s looking forward to establishing herself in the workforce and staying connected to the organization that has meant so much to her.

Outside of her academics and leadership with NSBE, McPherson is involved with the Black Graduate Student Association. She says music is a huge part of her life and she plays the piano as well as sings.

For students thinking about NSBE, McPherson suggests they check out all the group has to offer. “Students looking to join NSBE should understand it is a support group. You make friends for life, and it’s a great place to network and make connections.”