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Freshman student engineer finds her perfect fit in ISU women’s golf

After losing four members from last season’s top-25 team, it would be easy to assume that rebuilding team chemistry for the ISU women’s golf team would take some time.

Despite the new roster, incoming freshmen M.J. Kamin and Nattapan “New” Siritrai are already fitting in like seasoned veterans after a week on campus. Kamin, who is majoring in construction engineering, lacks the international pedigree of Siritrai but could be the best athlete on the team.

Kamin earned letters in basketball, cross country, golf and soccer at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“I just decided that [golf] was my favorite thing to do, probably the thing that I was best at and that was something I wanted to spend my summers doing, not playing indoor basketball and not playing soccer,” she said.

The three-time all-state competitor initially had her sights on opting for a warmer weather school but decided to remain in her home state to pursue her future in golf as well as construction engineering.

“As time went by, it became evident that this was the right place for me to be,” Kamin said. “The facilities were great. I wanted to do engineering and this is a great school for engineering. I met the team and knew that they lost some players but that there was a lot of upside. I just really liked the atmosphere.”

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