ECpE hosts honorary symposium for Aziz Fouad

Aziz Fouad and his son, Sam Fouad
Aziz Fouad and his son, Sam Fouad

The life and career of Aziz Fouad (PhDEE ’56), distinguished professor emeritus of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Iowa State, was celebrated during an honorary symposium July 7 at the Memorial Union. Friends, family and colleagues joined in the Campanile Room to honor Professor Fouad and welcome him back to campus.

“Whether you’ve been gone 10 years or 20 years – and I’ve been gone 20 – Iowa State will be the same as it has ever been to you,” Fouad said. “It’s a wonderful place to be at and to be from.”

Fouad joined the Iowa State faculty in 1960 as an assistant professor and rose through the ranks to earn numerous honors and awards, culminating in his election to the United States National Academy of Engineers (NAE) in 1996. NAE membership is among the most prestigious honors awarded to engineers.

“He is certainly one of the most celebrated and accomplished figures in the department’s history,” said David C. Jiles, Anson Marston Distinguished Professor and Palmer Endowed Department Chair of ECpE. “His efforts helped give the department’s power engineering program its legacy of success, a legacy that continues today.”

One of Fouad’s most enduring contributions to the ECpE department was the establishment of the Power Affiliate Research Program with Paul Anderson in 1963. This program was established to further research and graduate education in electric power systems and to strengthen industry ties to the department. The Power Affiliate Research Program became the Electric Power Research Center in 1988 and continues to this day.

Fouad was named an Anson Marston Distinguished Professor by Iowa State in 1990 and is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The IEEE also awarded him with the Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award in 1994. In addition, he received the David R. Boylan Eminent Faculty Award for Research from the College of Engineering at Iowa State.

“Although technical excellence surely pervaded all that he did,” said Jim McCalley, Harpole Professor of electrical and computer engineering, “perhaps his true legacy lies in the time he invested in others, the relationships that resulted, and the ultimate contributions to the lives of those individuals.”

Fouad will receive the Marston Medal, awarded annually by the College of Engineering In recognition of outstanding achievement in advancing engineering science, technology or policy having national and international impact in academics, industry, public service, government or other venues, in October.

2 thoughts on “ECpE hosts honorary symposium for Aziz Fouad

  1. Professor Fouad arrived on campus after I left (1956), but I had the pleasure of meeting him during some of my trips to campus in the 1970’s, and have also crossed his path at various IEEE sessions. He has certainly ‘done the University proud’, and has given lasting contributions to the electric power industry in particular. My congratulations to him, and my wishes for many more years…

  2. I was one of the first participants in the Power Affiliates Research Program … a position that was a major boost to not only my finances, but my morale, as a veteran just returning from two years in the US Army at the end of 1963. Paul Anderson was the major professor in my MSEE program, and “Ziz” was on my thesis review committee. Those two men made me even more certain that a career in power systems was what I wanted to pursue as an engineer. They made this pursuit for me a matter of “doing the right thing.” In recent years I had the pleasure of bumping into Ziz at an IEEE section meeting in Fort Collins, CO, near to Estes Park where I now reside. Congratulations, Ziz, for all of your accomplishments, but also for the many lives you have encouraged along the way.

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