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CELT announces recipients of Miller Faculty Fellowships

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) has announced the 2014-15 Miller Faculty Fellowships. Out of a record 26 applications, six projects were funded for a total of $60,000.

Miller Faculty Fellowships provide faculty members with opportunities to enhance their scholarly work in undergraduate academic programs and develop innovative ways to enhance student learning. Any ISU faculty member may submit proposals, individually or with a team.

The 2014-15 Miller Faculty Fellowships recipients are:

Proposal: “Team-based Learning Outcomes: Developing a Survey Instrument to Evaluate Student Motivation and Beliefs About Learning”
Authors: Lisa Orgler, lecturer, horticulture; Monica Lamm, associate professor, chemical and biological engineering; Georgeanne Artz, assistant professor, economics; Ann Smiley-Oyen, associate professor, kinesiology; Michael Dorneich, associate professor, industrial and manufacturing systems engineering; Holly Bender, associate director, CELT; Sandra Gahn, program manager, institutional research; Sarah Bickelhaupt, graduate assistant, human development and family studies; Keri Jacobs, assistant professor, economics; Cassandra Dorius, assistant professor, human development and family studies
Funding: $14,760

Proposal: “Show Them the Data: A Strategy to Improve Engagement and Enhance Student Learning Outcomes in STEM Classrooms”
Authors: Monica Lamm, associate professor, chemical and biological engineering; Clark Coffmann, associate professor, genetics/development and cell biology; Patrick Armstrong, associate professor, psychology; Robert Reason, associate professor, School of Education; Shana Carpenter, assistant professor, psychology
Funding: $15,000

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