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ADM donates $355,000 to Biorenewables Complex

Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) announced that it is donating $355,000 to Iowa State University to support a Biorenewables Complex. The complex features cutting-edge facilities offering students hands-on opportunities to learn about biorenewable resources and bio-economic development.

“As the global population grows, so does demand for renewable resources,” said Jennifer Ballinger, Director, ADM Cares. “The Biorenewables Complex brings together the faculty, programs and facilities to better prepare students who will provide important solutions for a more sustainable global economy.”

ADM’s contribution to the Biorenewables Complex supports several facilities, including the ADM Classroom and Computer Lab, ADM Student Help Center and ADM Biorenewables Education Lab.

For the full ADM news release, click here.