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Ag study abroad trip to Poland part of budding partnership agreement

Between May 16 and June 3, a group of 10 students from Iowa State University, supervised by Jacek Koziel, traveled to Poland to participate in a workshop with students from Wrocław’s University of Environmental and Life Sciences. The workshops’ main topic focused on animal breeding technology in the USA and in Poland in respect of balanced development, environmental protection, and economy in animal production.

The top three workshop teams were:

  1. Hillary Kletscher (ABE, BSE) + Martyna Lason (Organic Farming: What’s Next?)
  2. Lindsay Parker (AnS, Meat Science) + Ewa Grabowska (USA-Poland: Swine Industry Comparison)
  3. Alyssa Goodson (Acct) + Przemyslaw Knop (Economic Aspects of Feed Industry)

In addition, six ISU-WUELS teams presented projects on swine, beef cattle, sheep and goat, horse, small animal industry.  All projects aimed at comparing US/Iowa with Poland/European Union.

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