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Staff, students from engineering recognized for commitment to learning communities

ISU’s learning communities program recently recognized faculty and staff who supervised peer mentors in this year’s program, as well as students for their efforts to be positive models for  learning community members and support the university’s academic goals.

Lisa Rueschhoff, senior in materials science and engineering, was named a 2012-2013 Exemplary Peer Mentor.

2012-2013 Exemplary Peer Mentor Supervisors associated with engineering include:

  • Lindsay Diers – coordinator of Agricultural Engineering
  • Andrea Ramos – coordinator of Women in Science and Engineering First-Year
  • Kelsey Smyth –coordinator of Industrial Engineering and Undeclared Engineering
Kari Tietjen – coordinator of Women in Science and Engineering Sophomore and Transfer
  • Sue Ziegenbusch – coordinator of Agricultural Engineering

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