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Surge in engineering enrollment contributes to university records

In both undergraduate and graduate enrollment, the College of Engineering has surpassed last year’s numbers and moved to more than 6,500 total students. Those totals contributed to a record university enrollment of 28,682.

Undergraduate enrollment in the college stands at 5,448, which is an increase of 418 students over 2009. Graduate enrollment increased 73 students to reach 1,069. Last year, the college achieved a 25-year high in enrollment, so 2010’s official total of 6,517 has set yet another standard.

“While many factors contribute to our enrollment growth, it’s clear that our dedicated recruiting and advising staff have played a key role,” said Jonathan Wickert, dean of the college. “I appreciate their hard work, and I’m grateful that the college has a strong foundation of high-quality faculty who work each day to prepare our students for success.”

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