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Exploring the power of wind

The Wind Energy Science, Engineering, and Policy (WESEP) summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) almost didn’t happen. The National Science Foundation did not approve WESEP until March and participant applications were due in April.  With only one month to advertize the program, organizers hurried to publicize the opportunity and hoped for about 50 applicants. Gene …Continue reading “Exploring the power of wind”

Summer 2011 REU programs

A chance to participate in a prestigious program that provides first-hand access to cutting-edge research doesn’t frequently present itself to undergraduates, but a talented group of students were given such an opportunity when they were selected to participate in a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program this past summer. The National Science Foundation (NSF) started …Continue reading “Summer 2011 REU programs”

An increase in wind energy education

Wind energy in Iowa is an ever-growing industry that has escalated rapidly in the past decade. Working in a state that the American Wind Energy Association ranks as No. 2 in wind energy generation output, professors at Iowa State’s College of Engineering feel a certain responsibility and absolute need to focus on wind energy education. …Continue reading “An increase in wind energy education”