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Q&A with IMSE assistant professor Hantang Qin

Hantang Qin joined the IMSE faculty at Iowa State in fall 2017 after completing his PhD in industrial engineering from North Carolina State University. Dr. Qin recently sat down with us to discuss his background, his current research, his hobbies and everything in between.   Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you originally …Continue reading “Q&A with IMSE assistant professor Hantang Qin”

TED Scholar, professor and sanitation researcher

CE alumnus reaches 450,000 with an important message about sanitation concerns in developing countries Although biological waste treatment processes are advanced in the Western World, Francis de los Reyes III (MSCE’94) knows the same is not true for everyone. In fact, he has first-hand experience of a lacking sanitation infrastructure. In his home country of …Continue reading “TED Scholar, professor and sanitation researcher”