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ECpE senior recreates Nintendo’s Switch

Nintendo’s latest device, Switch, has excited gaming fanatics all over the world. Yet what most people don’t realize is the Switch can be replicated in their own homes. Tim Lindquist, a senior in electrical engineering at Iowa State University, has a long history of creating hardware and software projects in his spare time. Last spring, …Continue reading “ECpE senior recreates Nintendo’s Switch”

ECpE researcher uses Wii Remotes™ to teach engineering

Tom Daniels, after taking a shift pedaling an old bike propped up in the corner of an Iowa State University computer lab, joined a few of his freshmen students back at a computer. The aspiring computer engineers were huddled over the monitor, tapping away at the keyboard, trying to use a Wii Remote™ to collect …Continue reading “ECpE researcher uses Wii Remotes™ to teach engineering”