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ISU environmental engineer researches the most effective methods to clean water

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New CCEE Faculty Solve Current Engineering Challenges

They may be from across the globe. But the four new members to this year’s faculty at Iowa State University’s Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering are coming to the Midwest for one goal: to solve challenging problems in modern engineering. Ashley Buss, Assistant Professor Do you get excited about a department of transportation internship? What about …Continue reading “New CCEE Faculty Solve Current Engineering Challenges”

Kaoru Ikuma: Using microbes to remove water contaminants

New environmental engineering professor combines microbiology and engineering to address sustainability When the great Hanshin earthquake hit Japan in 1995, Kaoru Ikuma remembers being without water service in her home near Osaka for more than two months. She says losing access to something as essential as clean water brought the work of environmental engineers that …Continue reading “Kaoru Ikuma: Using microbes to remove water contaminants”