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Grain drying research guides farmers in harvest and winter storage plans

As harvest approaches, propane is a key ingredient for anyone using a high-temperature system to dry corn. A case study conducted by Mark Hanna, agricultural and biosystems engineering specialist for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, can help farmers as they plan for harvest and winter storage.

Iowa State University energy efficiency experts are helping farmers save money

Written by Fred Love, Iowa State University News Service Iowa farmers can save a chunk of change simply by making sure their tractors are in the right gear, according to personnel at Iowa State University working to make agricultural operations run more efficiently. Many of the expenses associated with large-scale agriculture don’t give farmers much …Continue reading “Iowa State University energy efficiency experts are helping farmers save money”

Study shows ‘Shift Up, Throttle Back’ technique saves tractor fuel

The expenses for tractor fuel can add up quickly during spring field work. According to a study conducted at the Iowa State University Northeast Research and Demonstration Farm near Nashua a twenty percent or more fuel savings can be achieved by the ‘shift up, throttle back’ technique.