Civil engineering class gets field experience

CE 105 takes a trip to water treatment plant construction site  What does it take to give one class a first-hand look at their future profession? For Hans van Leeuwen’s CE 105 class, it took two trips to the new water treatment plant being built in Ames. Van Leeuwen, the Vlasta Klima Balloun Professor of [Continue Reading…]

ISU professors develop ‘world’s purest’ vodka

Johannes van Leeuwen, professor in the department of civil, construction and environmental engineering, has succeeded in developing the purest vodka in the world. Jacek Koziel, associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, made an important contribution to the research by using sensitive analytical equipment to determine the presence of impurities in vodka. Koziel’s equipment combined [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State researchers feed pigs, chickens high-protein fungus grown on ethanol leftovers

Initial studies show a fungus grown in the leftovers of ethanol production could be a good energy feed for pigs and chickens. In separate feeding trials, nursery pigs and chickens have eaten high-protein fungi that Hans van Leeuwen and other Iowa State University researchers have produced in a pilot plant that converts ethanol leftovers into [Continue Reading…]

Van Leeuwen hosts four visiting scientists

Campus often seems quiet and barren during the summer months without the buzz of students, but tucked away in laboratories, researchers are hard at work. Of these scientists and engineers, some have traveled from all over the world to conduct cutting-edge research at Iowa State. This year, Vlasta Klima Balloun Professor of Engineering Hans van [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State engineer scales up process that could improve economics of ethanol production

Iowa State University’s Hans van Leeuwen has moved his research team’s award-winning idea for improving ethanol production from a laboratory to a pilot plant. Now he knows the idea, which produces a new animal feed and cleans water that can be recycled back into ethanol production, works more efficiently in batches of up to 350 [Continue Reading…]