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Team CySat selected for NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative

This article was first published on To view the article in it’s entirety, click here.  By Mitchell LaFrance A group of students from the Make to Innovate program (M:2:I) has recently been chosen by NASA to participate in the CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI), which aims to enable universities and other institutions to learn more about …Continue reading “Team CySat selected for NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative”

M:2:I continues to grow

Last summer, the aerospace engineering (AerE) department announced plans for Make to Innovate (M:2:I) – a new program to engage students in hands-on projects. Over the past year, the program has seen students flood in and new projects emerge, demonstrating that M:2:I has staying power. Getting the program up and running When M:2:I was established, …Continue reading “M:2:I continues to grow”

Engineering students awarded NASA grant for satellite proposal

Christopher Reis, senior in electrical engineering, and a team of undergraduate and graduate students from across the engineering college recently won a $4,000 grant from NASA to build a nanosatellite, or a satellite with a 1kg maximum mass, called CySat. The satellite will meet CubeSat qualifications, which were conceived as an economic alternative for universities …Continue reading “Engineering students awarded NASA grant for satellite proposal”