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Students gain hands-on experience presenting in poster competition

Student presenting research
Student presenting research

Every year, the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Graduate Student Council hosts the CCEE Student Poster Competition and Research Showcase. Students are welcomed to present their research to a broad audience and spread their message, while also learning valuable presentation skills.

This year for the 11th annual competition, 50 research posters were presented on research ranging from intelligent infrastructure to water management, and much more in between.

In the competition, a panel of faculty and industry representatives judge the posters and award posters per focus area, totaling 18 separate awards. While hosted by the graduate council, the competition is open to all CCEE students working on research projects.

The following students received awards:

  • Construction Engineering:
    • 1st place: Toby Nelson
    • 2nd place: Neha Raju
    • 3rd place: Marcus Nartey
  • Environmental and Water Resources:
    • 1st place: Emmanuel Padmore Mantey
    • 2nd place: Ingrid Cintura
    • 3rd place: Daria Dilparic
  • Geotechnical and Materials:
    • 1st place: Hossein Emami Ahari
    • 2nd place: Siraj
    • 3rd place: Benjamin Shafer
  • Structural Engineering:
    • 1st place: Anisha Karki
    • 2nd place: Shadi Azad
    • 3rd place: Amirhosein Vakili
  • Transportation:
    • 1st place: Dorcas Okaidjah
    • 2nd place: Xi Wei
  • Intelligent Infrastructure:
    • 1st place:  Sara Arezoumand Lakmehsary
    • 2nd place: Zia Zihan
    • 3rd place: Divine Agbobli
  • Undergrad: 
    • 1st place: Shanna Fellows